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On Tuesday 4th March, all of Abbey Park Middle School walked over to the Baptist church around 11.00 for the Mayorathon. When we got there, the Mayor was already present. We sat down and listened to a lady from the community, as well as the Mayor and Mark Jennings who talked about what was happening on the 4th and 5th of March.


14th March 2014


On Wednesday 5th of March, all the year 7 pupils took part in an event, known as SPOZ, in which we turned poems into raps and all learnt new things.


14th March 2014

Spring Term Interhouse Day

This year the Spring Term Interhouse Day included sports events, a quiz and an art competition. Mr Cotton led the art competition and was pleased to see the enthusiasm and creativity shown by pupils during the activity. Miss Michaut ran the quiz.

During the morning Banksy won the Y7 quiz and Hamilton the Y6 quiz. However, the other events were won by all 3 houses meaning that by lunchtime there were only a few points separating first and second positions. The afternoon events were therefore going to be crucial in determining who would be crowned Interhouse Day winners this term.


2nd March 2014

Sports News:

Sports News Roundup

A roundup of sports events since Christmas.

2nd March 2014

Inter-house Swimming Gala

On the 13th of December, everyone went to Pershore Leisure Centre to race each other. Pupils from Banksy, Hamilton and Churchill competed against each other. Everyone did well and worked very hard to earn points. Along with parents who came to support their child, we enjoyed watching pupils win races. Those in the viewing gallery were very loud cheering for their house! Thank you Mr Howard, we really enjoyed the event.

7th January 2014

County Cross Country

The Cross Country race took place at Prince Henry High School in Evesham. The year 6s had to run 1700m and the year 7s had to run a further 300m. There had to be 4 people for a complete team but unfortunately we only had 3 people for both year 7 races and the girlís team in year 6, all due to illness. The year 6 team of boys came in 6th in the district. Well done.

6th December 2013

Our Netball Team win 10-0

Our 2nd game of the season took us to St.Egwins. The first quarter started well with our first goal after 1:37seconds, scored by Emily Broadbent, followed quickly by Amy Edney. Emily managed to score her second goal before the end of the quarter. The second quarter saw 3 more goals, The third a further goal, and the final quarter 3 more. The team combined well to prevent the opposite team from scoring any goals, final score 10-0 to A.P.M.S.

15th November 2013

Other News:

Year 7 London Visit

On the 13th of February some of Year 7 went to London with Mr Cotton, Mrs Green, Mrs Delaney, Ms Tomlinson and Mrs Hodgetts.

2nd March 2014

Our Christmas Show

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of December the children of Abbey Park Middle School put on a Christmas production that included every class. 7IT performed ĎA Christmas Carolí throughout. One of the classes sang an Australian version of the 12 days of Christmas, Year 6 recreated some of their favourite Christmas adverts while one of the year 7 classes explained how Christmas was celebrated in other parts of the world.

24th January 2014

Tudor Banquet

The Tudor Banquet was an enjoyable experience for all Year 5 pupils, along with the members of staff the offered to help. On the day of the Tudor Banquet all of Year 5 got together in the school hall, dressed up in Tudor costumes (mainly produced by parents and pupils at home) and had a Tudor-styled feast. Parents also offered to help and were very successful as Tudor servants. Some parents offered to bake food for the event, and we had King Henry VIII (Mr Martin) come to the Banquet.

23rd January 2014


In the last two days of school before Christmas, the school held its annual Eisteddfod competition. We started it off with dressing up which was amazing because all the costumes were great. There were lots of different designs and ideas.

7th January 2014

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